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Concrete Scarifying Services

Precision Meets Efficiency

At Vision Installations, we redefine the standards of concrete leveling and surface preparation. Our state-of-the-art Swiss-made scarifier, a crucial tool in scarifying concrete, offers unparalleled precision in making floors level to an exceptional 1mm tolerance, surpassing the usual industry standard of +/- 3mm. This level of accuracy is essential in settings like hospitals, where we have successfully achieved these demanding specifications.

Versatile and Effective for Various Environments

Our services cater to a diverse range of needs and settings, including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Spaces: Transforming uneven surfaces into perfectly leveled floors.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Where precision is non-negotiable, we ensure floors meet the strictest tolerance levels.
  • Excess Concrete and Hump Removal: Efficiently smoothing out irregularities before the final grinding process.
  • Surface Profiling and Scabbling: Ideal for preparing floors for renovations or new installations.
  • Large Area Cleaning: Removing slurry, paint, or rubber effectively, and roughening surfaces for optimal bonding.

Creating the Perfect Base for Your Projects

Our scarifying process is not just about leveling; it’s about creating the ideal foundation for concrete preparation. Whether it’s concrete grinding to lower the floor level before raising it to achieve a specific height or concrete cutting to prepare a floor profile for bonding another layer of concrete, our scarifying concrete services ensure your project starts on the right footing.

Concrete Before Scarifying

Concrete Scarifier After

Concrete After Scarifying

Swiss Precision, Quieter Operation

Our Swiss-made scarifying machine stands out for both its precision and its quieter operation. Equipped with top-notch scarifying blades, this scarifying equipment is a powerhouse, designed to be less disruptive to your worksite, ensuring a more comfortable environment without compromising on efficiency.

Commitment to Cleanliness and Safety

With excellent dust control measures, we prioritize not just the quality of our work but also the cleanliness and safety of your site. Our process, which includes industrial floor preparation, minimizes dust and debris, ensuring a cleaner workspace and a safer environment for everyone involved in concrete floor repair, restoration and resurfacing.

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Elevate the standard of your next project with Vision Installations’ Concrete Scarifying Services. Our commitment to precision, versatility, and efficiency in concrete scarifying, concrete restoration, and concrete refinishing makes us the ideal partner for your flooring and surface preparation services needs. We also offer concrete smoothing, floor polishing, diamond grinding, and concrete resurfacing to meet your specific requirements.

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